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Hi! My name is Ryan Palo. I’m a mechanical engineer in the Sacramento, CA area. Here’s how to get in touch with me:

The quickest, easiest, most reliable way is definitely email. You can reach me at hello@assertnotmagic.com or ryan@thepalos.com.

My DM’s are open on Twitter, LinkedIn, and DEV!

About Me

I’m a mechanical engineer and tool designer. Mostly molds for injection molding medical devices. It’s pretty cool! I’m also the quality manager and tooling project manager.

I love to code (hence: blog). Python, Ruby, Bash, and Rust mostly. And dabbling in a bunch of other stuff.

I’ve got my Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on intelligent systems: data science, AI, robotics, and security/forensics. My thesis was building a AI scheduler for molding jobs at my current company, effectively solving a domain-specific version of the Job Shop Problem, and it worked out really well! Write up/link to project coming soon.

I’m actively searching for my first dev job. Here’s a copy of my dev resume. I think I’d do best at a back-end, SysDevOps, SRE, documentation, or internal tooling position. I am a toolmaker, after all. Preferably with lots of mentorship.

That being said, I’m really open to anything and I’m confident that I’d be productive and a great hire for pretty much any position and language. I love learning new things, so I’m always excited to dig into a new language or framework.

Remote or Sacramento area preferred.

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