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Solving an ExecJS Error that Breaks Jekyll on Rebuild
June 14, 2021

Updating my blog after 6 months took a lot more than I initially thought it would. Oy...

Tags: jekyll bugs
This is How You Lose the Time War: A Review
November 23, 2020
Cover image

I read this book and it just invaded my brain, and also you should read it too.

Tags: books
Building an Automatic Measuring Table: Part 0
November 16, 2020
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Introducing a new project. I'm building a robot table/tape measure!

Tags: robotics python mechanical woodworking
Awestruck by C Structs
November 11, 2020
Cover image

Learn to harness the more powerful multi-field data structures in C.

Tags: c structs beginner
Control HTML Video Playback Speed with the Console
October 21, 2020
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University video element doesn't have playback speed controls? No problem! Pop open a console and do your wizard stuff.

Tags: javascript html tricks
Scheduling Jekyll Posts on Netlify with Cron
July 30, 2020

A write-up of an answer to a question somebody emailed me. Automated published posts with no manual intervention required. Write it, schedule it, and relax.

Tags: jekyll cron netlify automation
I Asked DEV for Resume Advice and Here are 14 Things I Learned
July 17, 2020
Cover image

My resume wasn't great, and now it is. Devs were very helpful.

Tags: resume career
Returning Multiple Values (“Tuples”-ish) from Bash Functions
June 19, 2020

Python can return tuples from functions. Learn how to do the same in a nice, clean, and idiomatic way in Bash.

Tags: bash scripting
Dev Journal 6/8/2020: Avoid the Pull of the Rabbit Hole
June 09, 2020

I needed to work through a tornado of thoughts, ideas, bad ideas, problems, and potential solutions after todays research session.

Tags: rails javascript devjournal
Dev Journal 5/27/2020: Good Progress and Some Footguns
May 27, 2020

Day 2 of the bar project. We've had ups and downs so far.

Tags: ruby rails models architecture
Dev Journal 5/26/2020: rails new Who Dis
May 26, 2020

I started a new project to make a dynamic, Rails-powered menu/assistant for our bar at home. And I got the domain name for $2!

Tags: rails ruby
Untangling a Complicated TypeScript Function Signature
May 12, 2020

Destructuring, in-place object types, implicit void returns? Let's work through this one together.

Tags: typescript beginner
Strings: A Neat Hexdump Alternative
May 12, 2020
Cover image

I found a command that works even better than hexdump for some tasks!

Tags: bash cli steganography
Dog-Fooding as a Roadmap
April 29, 2020

Using your own side-project as a user has some incredible benefits.

Tags: projects brainstorming
Java Programs, Packages, and Class Paths Explained… Plus a Bonus Mystery
March 03, 2020

In the midst of trying to figure out how projects work in Java and how to run my darn code, I run into an error that makes me doubt everything I'd learned.

Tags: java bash
Dev Journal 1/24/2020
January 24, 2020

Crontab, awk, grep, and getent

Tags: linux awk cron dotfiles
Type Aliases in Rust
December 04, 2019

Naming your complex types that stand for distinct concepts is a great way to simplify your Rust code.

Tags: rust readability types
Don't Let Big Ideas Stop You from Doing Small Things
October 30, 2019

When you have limited time, you have to do the things you can, even they're small and not the things you wish you could do.

Tags: encouragement productivity
Mocking by Adding Attributes to Functions
August 26, 2019

Python functions are first-class objects, which means we can stick whatever data we want on them!

Tags: python tricks
Solving Eggnog Problems with Binary
July 19, 2019

Binary is not scary. It's math with light switches. And it can be used to solve a wider range of problems than you might think!

Tags: python binary
Learning is Sneaky
July 12, 2019
Cover image

If you're feeling stuck or like you're not progressing, take a closer look.

Tags: encouragement learning
Fixing Python Markdown Code Blocks… with Python!
July 04, 2019
Cover image

I breakdown a quick script I wrote to fix markdown output from the Ulysses writing app.

Tags: python scripting cli bash
Rust, Iterators, and Skill Regression
July 02, 2019
Cover image

Some cool Rust code and how I learn code the same way my dog learns things.

Tags: rust python learning iterators
Seeing Context with `grep`
June 20, 2019
Cover image

Some neat tricks to help understand where in the file your match is showing up.

Tags: bash linux tricks
Read a Delimited File Into a 2D Array in Julia
May 17, 2019
Cover image

Getting warmed up to work on Advent of Code challenges using Julia's powerful multi-dimensional array syntax.

Tags: julia beginner practical
Short Circuiting in Bash
April 09, 2019
Cover image

Sharpen up your bash scripts with one-line conditionals!

Tags: bash beginner basics
The First Person to Say a Number Loses
March 28, 2019

A little bit of negotiation advice about spouting off numbers.

Tags: interview soft-skills negotiating
Python's random.choices is Awesome
March 26, 2019
Cover image

I read some cool code that used random.choices and wanted to share it.

Tags: python tricks standard-library
Binary and Hexadecimal: Part 3 - Bitwise Operators
March 21, 2019
Cover image

Bitwise operations open up new, cool, and sometimes way more efficient ways to manipulate numbers!

Tags: computer-science basics beginner
Giving Meaning to Magic Numbers with Python Enums
March 13, 2019
Cover image

A quick little taste of the Enum module to show how cool it is.

Tags: python standard-library
Advanced Argument Handling in Bash
March 08, 2019
Cover image

Techniques for processing more options and arguments for a more polished user experience.

Tags: bash scripting advanced
Handling Arguments in Bash Scripts
February 22, 2019
Cover image

Some basic tricks using built-in variables to add some extra power to your Bash scripts.

Tags: bash scripting beginner
Using Python to Make Art with Math
February 02, 2019
Cover image

A tutorial on generating art using the Recaman Sequence, a surprisingly complex integer sequence built with some simple rules.

Tags: math python art generative
Bash If Statements: Beginner to Advanced
January 16, 2019
Cover image

Learn how to supercharge your Bash branching!

Tags: bash scripting
defaultdicts: Never Check If a Key is Present Again!
November 18, 2018
Cover image

An overview of how to use the defaultdict class that is provided by the Python standard library.

Tags: python standard-library defaultdict
The Programmer and the Sea
November 08, 2018
Cover image

How stand-up paddleboarding is an allegory for the programmer’s journey.

Tags: learning story
Automating Simple Things with Python is Awesome
November 03, 2018
Cover image

I scripted the renaming of a bunch of files at work and it make me feel like a wizard.

Tags: python scripting
Degree, Bootcamp, or Self-Taught: Thoughts on How to Choose
November 02, 2018
Cover image

I've had a little bit of experience with each one. Here are some pros and cons to consider when trying to decide.

Tags: learning
It's Ruby, There Must Be a Better Way
October 27, 2018
Cover image

When you let the Ruby language work for you, it can speed up your code and save you a lot of headache.

Tags: ruby exercism challenge
Tips for Taming the CSS Beast
October 25, 2018
Cover image

A conversation about learning CSS converted into a blog post so more people could chime in!

Tags: css learning
Uncomfortable Situations Don't Go Away
October 12, 2018
Cover image

This week at work sucked. But future me will thank present me for how I handled it.

Tags: soft-skills reflection
File-Specific Vim Configuration
October 06, 2018
Cover image

A quick tip about making custom settings that are language-specific in Vim.

Tags: vim tools
Binary and Hexadecimal: Part 2 - Conversions
September 16, 2018
Cover image

The second part of the binary/hexadecimal articles. Learn to convert between decimal, hex, and binary!

Tags: computer-science basics beginner
Binary and Hexadecimal: Part 1
September 10, 2018
Cover image

Let's learn to count like a computer!

Tags: computer-science basics beginner
Personal Update: Back At It
September 06, 2018
Cover image

I haven't written a post in a while and I need to write something to give myself a kick start.

Tags: update
3 Common Mistakes that Python Newbies Make
August 04, 2018
Cover image

Some common patterns that could use a little refactoring that I've seen with new Python learners.

Tags: python beginner
Python Shebangs on Windows
July 01, 2018
Cover image

Python handles unix shebangs (lines that tell your computer how to run a program) in a way that is really nice and portable.

Tags: python
Python Has a Startup File!
June 30, 2018
Cover image

Of course I knew that Python has a startup customization file this whole time. I didn't just learn about it. Shut up.

Tags: python tricks
Ascii Wall-E for Your Terminal
June 23, 2018
Cover image

I had a very productive day. I made Wall-E in my terminal!

Tags: showdev fish art
Bash Brackets Quick Reference
June 20, 2018
Cover image

Bash has lots of brackets and this is a cheat sheet to help you remember which ones to use.

Tags: bash shell cheatsheet
Python Scripting Toolbox: Part 2 - String Templates and `argparse`
June 16, 2018
Cover image

Part 2 of 3. A couple of ways to beef up your Python scripts with the Standard Library.

Tags: python scripting tutorial
Command Not Found... Dum Dum
June 16, 2018
Cover image

A neat little shell customization feature I found while reading through a Bash book.

Tags: bash shell quicktip
Each Pair with Itertools
June 09, 2018
Cover image

This week I saw a slick way of iterating through each pair of items in a list in Python and wanted to share it.

Tags: python tricks itertools
Python Scripting Toolbox: sys and fileinput
June 05, 2018
Cover image

Part 1 of 3. A couple of ways to beef up your Python scripts with the Standard Library.

Tags: python scripting tutorial
Setting Up a CentOS Server
May 14, 2018
Cover image

A walkthrough of the ins and outs of good security practices and some neat tricks to make your new server feel like home sweet home.

Tags: linux sysadmin security
PowerShell Tutorial (Especially for People Who Hate PowerShell)
April 28, 2018
Cover image

Coming from Bash, starting out with PowerShell, a modern Windows shell language, can be a bit of a shock. This guide should address the primary pain points and provide some additional context to help make sense of the differences.

Tags: powershell tutorial bash terminal
Keep VS Code from Becoming an IDE
April 26, 2018
Cover image

I like quick, light text editors and terminals, not big IDE's. This is how I keep VS Code how I like it.

Tags: editors vscode
Ruby Concepts - Singleton Classes
April 22, 2018
Cover image

An indepth user's guide to Ruby Singleton Classes for newbies.

Tags: ruby singleton basics
Dict Moves in Python
April 08, 2018
Cover image

A quick tip on how to change a dictionary in Python into a defaultdict in a slick way.

Tags: python tricks
Data Science Cardio 1 - Weather
March 28, 2018
Cover image

Some guided practice doing some various data science things.

Tags: python data-science scientific tutorial
Get on the Bullet Journaling Train
March 25, 2018
Cover image

An introduction to bullet journaling and why it's awesome!

Tags: productivity bullet-journal
Vim Filters
March 18, 2018
Cover image

A quick Vim tip to run an external command on a file.

Tags: vim tricks
Publish Single Directories to Another Branch
March 08, 2018
Cover image

I can't believe I didn't know about this command at all, but it helps me publish a javascript project's dist folder to GitHub Pages.

Tags: git tricks
Closures and Callbacks
March 01, 2018
Cover image

A neat little pattern I found for DRY-ing up your callbacks.

Tags: javascript functional front-end
Getting Things Done - A Programmer Productivity Guide
February 19, 2018
Cover image

Three principles to help developers free their brains of clutter and use them for getting important things done.

Tags: productivity gtd
Lucky Numbers and Science
February 15, 2018
Cover image

I tried to solve a coding challenge and ended up doing science.

Tags: ruby puzzle performance
Closure? I Hardly Know Her!
February 10, 2018
Cover image

Why closures are useful, even if you don't notice that you're using them.

Tags: python functional
Checking In
February 03, 2018
Cover image

It's been a while since I've published a blog post, so I'm checking in to share some stuff that's coming up.

Tags: update preview
CNC 2018 Pre-Mission
January 04, 2018
Cover image

As part of the Code Newbie Challenge 2018 (Code More Track), our first pre-mission is to reflect on what we've done in the past — what worked, what didn't, and why.

Tags: codenewbie reflection
Ruby 2.5 - Tap and Yield Self
December 29, 2017
Cover image

Tags: ruby
LTC4 - Falling in Love with Vectors
December 28, 2017
Cover image

Part 4 in the learn-to-code using JavaScript and P5.js series. Learn how vectors and physics can create realistic effects and object methods can help us keep our code clean.

Tags: p5 javascript beginner tutorial
Wishful Coding
December 13, 2017
Cover image

Write code using methods you wish existed, and go back and write them later.

Tags: tricks focus productivity
Search Your Site via the Omnibar (Even Static Sites)
December 05, 2017
Cover image

A quick guide for how to add Chrome Omnibar search functionality to your websites.

Tags: browser html javascript tutorial
November 27, 2017
Cover image

Ruby Structs are the objects you didn't know you needed.

Tags: ruby tricks design-intent struct
Cake and Duplicates
November 14, 2017
Cover image

The crazy solution to an interview problem

Tags: algorithms ruby big-o linked-lists
Add Search to Your Static Site with Vue
November 11, 2017
Cover image

In 30 minutes or less! With no build tools!

Tags: vue jekyll static-site tutorial
Git Wrecked — Keeping Your Branches Synced Without Breaking Things
November 04, 2017
Cover image

Tags: git workflow best-practice oss
E for Everywhere
October 28, 2017
Cover image

Math is neat and e pops up in weird places.

Tags: math fun python
Accelerated Vim-Provement
October 25, 2017
Cover image

A quick tip to help pick up Vim faster by freeing yourself of crutches

Tags: vim editors encouragement
Secret Message
October 16, 2017
Cover image

My solution to a coding challenge and the plot twists that ensued. "Optimize for efficiency," they said. "It'll be fun," they said.

Tags: ruby puzzle interview performance
Learn to Code, Part 3 - Rainbow Collections
October 09, 2017
Cover image

Part 3 in the learn-to-code using JavaScript and P5.js series. Learn how collections like arrays and objects can amplify our coding power.

Tags: p5 javascript beginner tutorial
Smooth Ruby One-Liners
October 05, 2017
Cover image

Don't have time to look up that awk/sed syntax? Too rushed to write a full script? Let these Ruby one-liners do the heavy lifting for you.

Tags: ruby bash sysadmin
First Screencast
September 30, 2017
Cover image

I created my first (and second) screencast and it's scary and great and I'm making more.

Tags: screencast encouragement showdev
Comparison Time
September 23, 2017
Cover image

Definitely compare yourself to others -- but do it right.

Tags: soft-skills encouragement not-magic
Learn to Code, Part 2 - Looping Targets
September 16, 2017
Cover image

Second part in our series. We review functions and learn about loops!

Tags: p5 javascript beginner tutorial
Learn to Code, Part 1 - Random Walker
September 09, 2017
Cover image

Going from no code experience to creating a JavaScript animation in one lesson.

Tags: p5 javascript beginner tutorial
CSS Animations are Probably Magic
August 31, 2017
Cover image

A beginner's starting point for adding animations to your website.

Tags: html css front-end animations
Metaprogramming Python - Method Missing
August 26, 2017
Cover image

Implementing Ruby's 'method_missing' method in Python

Tags: python ruby metaprogramming
Step Your Meta Game Up
August 14, 2017
Cover image

Learn how to make sharing your site look awesome!

Tags: html seo social
Your Own REPL in Twenty Lines or Less
August 07, 2017
Cover image

Python's standard library makes it easy for you to use custom REPL's

Tags: python fun
Git Hooked on Git Hooks
August 01, 2017
Cover image

A beginner's overview of git hooks to automate your process

Tags: git
Script as a Service
July 23, 2017
Cover image

Setting up a python script to run for a long time on a server

Tags: python sysadmin linux
Tricking Yourself into Exercising
July 17, 2017
Cover image

A quick tip that might help if you find it hard to exercise

Tags: exercise tricks fitness
Vue on Django, Part 4
July 16, 2017
Cover image

Vue tutorial, part 4, where we wrap it all up

Tags: vue django es6 tutorial
Vue on Django, Part 3
July 06, 2017
Cover image

Vue tutorial, part 3, where we set up the Django REST API

Tags: vue django es6 tutorial
Vue on Django, Part 2
June 24, 2017
Cover image

Vue tutorial, part 2, where we set up Vuex, the client data store

Tags: vue django es6 tutorial
Vue on Django, Part 1
June 20, 2017
Cover image

Vue tutorial, part 1, where we set up the Vue front end

Tags: vue django es6 tutorial
Jupyter Notebooks are The Business
June 13, 2017
Cover image

Me, gushing about one of my favorite tools

Tags: python teaching tools
Unwrapping Decorators, Part 2
June 05, 2017
Cover image

A more in-depth look at the more advanced capabilities of decorators

Tags: python pythonic functional
Unwrapping Decorators, Part 1
May 30, 2017
Cover image

An introduction to decorators, a functional Python topic

Tags: python pythonic functional
May 29, 2017
Cover image

Sometimes it's the small decisions that make all the difference

Tags: soft-skills
Cache Me Outside
May 18, 2017
Cover image

An easy trick to speed up your slower functions

Tags: python tricks
Douglas Adams's Whale
May 14, 2017
Cover image

A discussion and physical model of a whale in space

Tags: python physics fun scientific
Plan Your Commits
May 05, 2017
Cover image

One trick that might help you commit more consistently

Tags: tricks git
Fanbot, and Doing New Things Right
May 01, 2017
Cover image

An overview of my new project and why I chose the layout I did

Tags: python soft-skills
Jekyll Tags, the Easy Way
April 25, 2017
Cover image

How I implemented tags without copy-pasting gobbledygook

Tags: ruby jekyll
Built-In Methods
April 25, 2017
Cover image

A quick tip to aid in off-line coding

Tags: ruby tricks
Indexing - Teaching Things Better
April 12, 2017
Cover image

Finding an intuitive way to describe why indexing starts at 0 in Python

Tags: teaching python
April 10, 2017
Cover image

Generating Pi with random numbers via math trickery

Tags: math python tricks
Fizz Buzz
March 27, 2017
Cover image

Checking out a basic coding problem a few different ways

Tags: python puzzle
Piping the Snek
March 22, 2017
Cover image

Using Python with shell pipes for extra awesomeness

Tags: python tricks bash
Let's Get Pythonic -- Generators
March 14, 2017
Cover image

Learning about generators in our journey to Python enlightenment

Tags: python tricks
Meta Feedback
March 01, 2017
Cover image

Wherin I cry like a little baby because the bad man was mean to me

Tags: soft-skills
Optimal Primes
February 24, 2017
Cover image

Coming up with a more efficient prime factors algorithm

Tags: algorithms python puzzle
Coding with Code
February 11, 2017

VS Code is the beeeessssttt!

Tags: editors vscode vim emacs sublime
Default Argument Tricks
February 02, 2017
Cover image

Solving tricky problems using tricky argument tricks

Tags: python algorithms tricks
Assert Not Magic
January 18, 2017
Cover image

Programming isn't magic. It's logical, learnable, and you can do it too.

Tags: not-magic soft-skills
I Can JavaScripting?
January 14, 2017
Cover image

Description of my JavaScript30 experience

Tags: javascript
Discovering Click
November 27, 2016
Cover image

An overview of the awesome Click CLI framework

Tags: python tools
Nay, It Be Gold
November 11, 2016
Cover image

My first impressions of the R language

Tags: r
AI with Pacman
October 16, 2016
Cover image

Trying to get AI algorithms straight in my head.

Tags: algorithms python ai
Emacs and Dwarves
September 21, 2016
Cover image

My first impressions of Emacs and Dwarf Fortress

Tags: editors emacs
Starting Algorithms
September 06, 2016
Cover image

Some algorithms from the algorithms class I'm taking.

Tags: algorithms python
First Post
August 24, 2016
Cover image

My first blog post ever!

Tags: python django rails

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